Mary K 2020 Exploration Drill Program Results

2020 Drill Program

The recent drilling campaign indicates that the structure that hosts the Mary K vein ranges between 15 to 17 ft in true width, (4.6 to 5.2 metres), within the targeted area. This is significantly wider than any historic records have shown. Mineralization is not anticipated to be uniform across that distance, but this shows the potential of the system. Historical records indicate that the vein is at least 2,000 ft., (610 metres), long and varies in width from a few inches to over 6 ft., (1.8 metres).

"The Mary K Vein system represents a structurally bound, epithermal system," commented Joseph Carrabba, President & CEO of Bond. "These systems are often nuggety and not uniformly mineralized; however that being said, structural intersections have often been noted historically to contain bonanza type gold shoots. We therefore believe bulk sampling of the vein will be the best method to determine the overall grade in the vein."

Another exciting development was the discovery of a second gold bearing vein, located about 60 ft. (18.3 metres), above the north dipping Mary K Vein. This vein was cut by three shallow drill holes and visible gold was noted in hole MK9. That hole returned 3 ft., (0.91 metre), averaging 0.192 oz. per ton gold, (6.58 grams per tonne), including 1 ft., (0.30 metre), averaging 0.577 opt gold, (19.78 g/t gold). Two other holes intersected the vein but returned no significant assays. They did indicate that this newly discovered vein appears to be parallel both in strike and dip to the Mary K Vein. Geologic mapping and alignment of old workings suggest there are multiple parallel vein systems.

Drilling Details

The 17 holes were drilled from two drill pads situated north and in the hanging wall of the Mary K Vein structure. On drill Pad #1, a total of four drill holes were collared. Three of them were drilled through the structure, while the fourth was lost due to poor ground conditions.

On drill Pad #1.5, a total of 13 drill holes were collared. This drill pad was situated much closer to the surface exposure of the vein and several shallow targets were drilled above the main #4 level workings. Historical underground workings were intersected in four of the holes and Bond geologists used this information to re-calibrate the location of these workings with respect to the historic maps.

Highlights of drill intercepts from this drill program include:

MK1 411 412 1 0.30 8.93 306.2
MK6 99 100 1 0.30 0.142 4.87
MK8 122 123 1 0.30 0.118 4.05
MK10 167 174 7 2.13 0.165 5.66
including 172 174 2 0.61 0.514 17.62
MK9 53.5 56.5 3 0.91 0.192 6.58
including 54.5 55.5 1 0.30 0.577 19.78

*All holes are believed to be true width. * Please read press release dated October 22, 2020.

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